$56M water system, $40M housing programme for Quebanang Village


Quebanang Village, situated in the Upper Mazaruni region of Region Seven, is set to receive a significant boost with the installation of a new $56.3 million water distribution system.

The community has also been chosen as one of the beneficiaries of the Hinterland Housing Programme, where 10 vulnerable families will receive homes valued at approximately $40 million.

These developments were unveiled by Minister of Housing and Water, Colin Croal, during his recent visit to the area. He was accompanied by Hinterland Service Director, Ramchand Jailall.

Quebanang, a satellite village of Jawalla, currently relies on a spring source and a small PV and distribution pipe network to supply water to a portion of the community.

However, this existing system is inadequate to meet the water demands of the entire area.

Minister Croal had visited the area some time back and the residents’ raised concerns about the challenges they faced in accessing clean and safe water. The pollution resulting from mining activities in the nearby river rendered its water unsafe for consumption.

He made a commitment to address this issue, and the announcement of the construction of a new system offers much-needed relief to the community.

The project is slated to commence shortly and will be executed by R. Kissoon Contracting Services.

“We made a commitment and we have delivered on that commitment that is what we do as a government…we want to ensure that we uplift your quality of life,” Croal told the residents.

Regarding the housing programme, Croal announced that the project will commence before the end of this year.

Each unit is estimated to cost $4 M and all materials for construction will be sourced from the village.

The ministry will cover the wages of two skilled labourers, while the selected beneficiaries will supply the remaining labour required to complete their respective units.

This program is specifically aimed at vulnerable groups within Amerindian villages, including the elderly and single parents. the minister urged the Village Council to prioritize transparency during the selection process.

Croal said the government understands the needs of the communities and is making resources available to address those needs.

“In the short three years, we are investing in you and your children’s development…we are talking right away for this small community, an injection of close to $100 million,” he highlighted.

He also assured the residents that they will benefit from solar panels through the Hinterland solar home installation programme.

Each system features a 160-watt solar panel and a mobile charging facility, among other basic fittings.

The village also received a tractor and trailer from the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs to aid in their agriculture programme. (Extracted from DPI)

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