Men nabbed with 12lbs marijuana at Police checkpoint


Two men were taken into custody on Sunday following the discovery of 12 pounds of marijuana in their car at the Bamia Police checkpoint, Region Ten.

In custody are taxi driver Jermain Sinclair, 31, of New Amsterdam, Berbice and 30-year-old Leon Singh, a construction workers of Sophia.

Police Headquarters reported that the marijuana was found around 04:00hrs on the back seat of a motor car, PZZ 5562.

At the time, the men were en-route to Georgetown.

According to a Police report, ranks on mobile patrol who were on duty at Bamia intercepted the vehicle.

“On seeing the Police ranks at the Checkpoint, the car suddenly turned around and sped off. The ranks gave chase and intercepted the vehicle,” Police said.

The car was searched in the suspect’s presence and Police said twelve bulky plastic bags were found on seat behind the driver.

According to the Police, the parcels contained leaves, seeds, and stems suspected to be cannabis.

The suspects were told of the offence and cautioned but they remained silent.

They were placed in custody pending charges.

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