Entrepreneurs benefit from training in digital marketing, financial management through ElevateAll programme


Fourteen owners and managers of businesses within the manufacturing sectors are now in a better position to pitch and develop their businesses while keeping pace with the fast-growing economy.

These entrepreneurs were part of the first cohort of the new entrepreneurship programme, ElevateAll; it recently concluded.

They were among the 35 persons selected out of over 70 applicants this year and were successful following the 10-week programme.

Phase one of the programme saw the 35 entrepreneurs participating in a boot camp, brainstorming growth, pitch development and building a business canvas.

Only 14 were shortlisted for phase two of the programme during which participants benefited from digital marking, financial management, operations and exporting and other skills.

On Saturday, the 14 entrepreneurs graduated. They were each presented with a certificate.

During a ceremony held at the Pegasus Corporate Suites, Director of the Centre for Local Business Development, Natasha Gaskin-Peters told the News Room that having recognised the gap, this year’s programme focused on the manufacturing sector.

Director of the Centre for Local Business Development, Natasha Gaskin-Peters. (Photo: DPI/September 23, 2023)

“This year we wanted to focus on the manufacturing sector. It’s one that we see that is growing, experiencing over a 4 plus percentage growth on an annual basis and given the gas-to-energy project which we know is going to really help to propel that manufacturing sector, we wanted to ensure that we help to build those skills,’ Gaskin-Peters said.

The participants are from various regions across the country and were paired with one-on-one mentors from the business community.

“We started with helping them to build their business model canvas…Very much hands on and practical to their respective businesses…It was how to pitch your business, teach your marketing skills, how do you prepare for an exhibit, and build confidence with these entrepreneurs. Financial management skills and also help them in terms of project management skills as well as health and safety for their businesses,” Gaskin-Peters explained.

She added, “really an all-inclusive program helping these young manufacturers because of course we know that Guyana’s economy is growing. Of course we have the gas-to-energy project that is coming on board that is really going to help to propel our manufacturing sector so we wanted to get on board with these young, small and medium size entrepreneurs. The business systems that we help these businesses to build will help them as they grow and as they get larger because those systems are very crucial and very important”.

Following the graduation, the entrepreneurs also had the opportunity to take part in an expo, allowing them to showcase and put into action, the knowledge they acquired through the programme.

Also on display were their products.

The entrepreneurs showcased their products at a mini-expo held following the graduation. (Photo:DPI/September 23, 2023)

Though a medical technologist by profession, Naressa Abrams told the News Room that she always had an interest in entrepreneurship.

“I didn’t have much knowledge about running a business…the programme was so in depth…I am taking away a lot,” Abrams, the founder of Abrams Authentic Products told the News Room.

“It’s a brand dedicated to providing customers with high quality, organic and authentic indigenous products….preserving promoting traditional knowledge and supporting indigenous communities. My next step for growth is to have my products in all leading supermarkets across Guyana,” she said.

Meanwhile, Adrian Barkoye, the Quality Manager of local engineering company, Brass Aluminum & Cast Iron Foundry (BACIF) told the News Room that knowledge acquired through the programme will not only benefit him but also enhance the company and its staff.

“The programme… has significantly added to my understanding and appreciation of the fundamentals that goes into manufacturing…We saw this as an opportunity to acquire additional skillset to enhance our company to better serve your clients, produce better products, provide better services to our customers,” Barkoye said.

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