Boy, 9, flown to US for specialist surgeries after suffering burns


A nine-year-old boy who sustained third-degree burns about his body has undergone multiple surgeries in the United States, thanks to a collaboration between the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and the Non-Governmental Organisation Saving Hand Emergency Aid (SHEA).

The boy, identified as “Neil” and “Adi” is also being treated for other injuries, such as an infection from a past wound to his head, SHEA stated in a Facebook post recently.

“Currently, he has very little skin on his face since most of it was burned off by the fire.

“In addition, several of his fingers and toes are also infected, and he’s running a constant high fever, which his doctors are trying to keep under control,” SHEA stated.

The child was admitted to GPHC on September 9 with severe burns and “multiple other injuries in various stages of healing,” GPHC said in a statement on Monday.

The young boy was medevaced to the US on September 18

In a critical turn of events, the young boy was intubated and after a series of essential procedures, including dressing changes, imaging, and lab tests, it was apparent that the patient required highly specialised care, beyond the capacity of GPHC.

GPHC then reached out to SHEA and arrangements were made for the young patient to receive treatment at a distinguished children’s hospital in the United States.

He left Guyana for the US on September 18.

He will remain at the Children’s Hospital until he achieves a better state of health and can eventually return home.

“GPHC and SHEA commend the dedication and teamwork that made this lifesaving mission possible.

“Our hearts go out to the patient and their family during this challenging time, and we remain committed to their well-being throughout their journey to recovery,” GPHC stated.


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  1. habeeb says

    Hope they didn’t fly out those two adults/parents who tried to kill this child to be with him.
    That would be a travesty. He will recover with specialized treatment, god willing.
    Time for the Govt. to invest in treating fire victims with a specialized BURN UNIT, HYPERBARIC
    CHAMBERS ETC… and the personnel to manage it. They don’t have to wait till the new hospitals are built- whilst people are killed by fire.

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