Fisherman’s decomposed body washes up on Corentyne shore


A fisherman from Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara, who went missing during a fishing trip several days ago, has turned up dead.

Mahendra Jaipal’s remains washed up along the Eversham, Corentyne foreshore on Friday, police confirmed. Jaipaul and his fellow crew members were on a fishing boat that encountered difficulties in the Corentyne River on Sunday.

The owner of the boat SK 1798, Totaram Ramdharry who resides in Berbice, said he received a distress call informing him that there was a mishap.

He was told by the captain of the boat that the engine failed and water was entering the boat at a fast rate.

Ramdharry said he informed his son and contacted other relatives and workmen to head out to sea with the intention of offering assistance.

When they arrived at the location, three of the men were spotted along with the icebox.

“Them man say them hold on to the icebox,” Ramdharry said but was told that Jaipaul could not be located. Jaipaul was also holding on to the icebox but it began to breakaway and Jaipaul lost his grip, disappearing in the water.

The three men were rescued and taken to the police in Nickerie and afterwards, Springlands. The boat owner said he instructed his son to keep the search on for Jaipaul. It was during that search that the boat was found but completely destroyed. He estimated $11 M in losses.

Regional Commander Shivpersaud Bacchus confirmed that the body washed up on the Eversham Foreshore and relatives have since positively identified the body as Jaipaul.

A post mortem examination will be done.

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