Mahdia woman remanded for attempted murder of her husband


Amanda Prince, a 37-year-old unemployed woman from Danju Hill, Mahdia, was charged on Tuesday with attempted murder. Prince is accused of attempting to murder her reputed husband Ashton Courtman, a 34-year-old Pump Attendant, on November 19 at Danju Hill.

The accused appeared at the Mahdia Magistrate’s Court and was not required to plea and was remanded to prison until December 12, 2023.

The couple had been living together for the past four years. On November 19, they were both consuming alcohol when Prince’s son asked her to fry plantain but Courtman wanted rice instead.

The woman reportedly got angry, armed herself with a small bread knife, and allegedly stabbed Courtman.

The next day, Courtman visited the Mahdia District Hospital where he was admitted, and later medevaced to Georgetown for further treatment.

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