‘Christmas family bonding’ at Prisons commences on December 4


The Guyana Prison Service’s ‘Christmas Family Bonding’ visits will commence on December 04, 2023, at all prison locations.

The activity is aimed at further strengthening family relationships and at the same time allowing inmates to reunite with their families for a brief time, the Prison Service stated. Family members will have a chance to have a meal with their loved ones and share a few extra minutes with them.

Director of Prisons Nicklon Elliot said the aim of the visits is to help families further reconnect in a positive way during the festive season.

“We have worked with prisoners and their families for years and appreciate how daunting an experience it can be for everyone involved, so we are always here to offer practical and emotional support”, the Prison Director said.

“We know that prisoners’ families serve their own hidden sentences when a family member is sent to prison. However, for this reason, we have decided to have this ingenuity annually,” Elliot added.

The visits will conclude on December 15, 2023.

Interested family members can contact the Officer-in-charge at each location for further information.

At New Amsterdam Prison – Assistant Superintendent of Prisons Patrick Crawford on telephone number 333-2897.

At Lusignan Prison – Senior Superintendent of Prisons Deoraj Gyandat on telephone number 220-4289.

At Camp Street Prison – Senior Superintendent of Prisons Olivia Cox on telephone number 225-5390.

At Timehri Prison –Assistant Superintendent of Prisons Roddy Denhart on telephone number 261-2265.

At Mazaruni Prison – Superintendent of Prisons David Shepherd on telephone 665-4020.


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