Archery Guyana’s Continental Judges selected for international competitions in 2024


Following on the heels of the recently concluded Continental Judges Seminar and Examination, and Caribbean Development Championships in Tobago last September, Archery Guyana’s Mohamed Gamal Khan, Robert Singh and Nicholas Hing have been selected for World Archery Americas international competitions in 2024.

Hing will officiate at the Pan American Championships in Medellin, Colombia, from April 7-9, while Singh and Khan will officiate at the Caribbean Development Championships in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, from July 10-14.

“Archery Guyana wishes our Continental Judges all the best in their appointments for these very important events,” Archery Guyana said in a press release.

Hing and Singh were officially welcomed into the Continental Judges fraternity by World Archery Americas (WAA) after successfully completing the WAA Continental Judges Seminar hosted in Tobago in early October 2023.

The seminar was held in Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago, and was conducted by International Judge Liz Del Carmen Perez Ortiz (Mexico) and Continental Judge Kristy Wapniarski (USA).

The participants were National Judges, with over two years’ experience, from the host country and Guyana. The seminar included classroom and field sessions and closed with a written exam that required an 85% pass mark.

The National Judges were also given international exposure by being part of the judges’ team, led by International Judge Liz Perez, who officiated at the recently held fifth Caribbean Development Championship.

Khan was certified in May 2022 after attending a seminar seminar held in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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