GDF intensifies search for fishermen, vessel missing at sea


The search and rescue team of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) has increased its patrols in hopes of finding four fishermen who headed out to sea on November 16, 2023 and didn’t return.

A press release from the GDF on Monday noted that the Coast Guard teams are actively escalating their daily sea patrols in a dedicated effort to locate the fishing vessel ‘ASEYAH One’ and its four-man crew.

“In accordance with the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), the Coast Guard’s highest priority is the safety of the crew aboard the missing vessel,” the GDF noted.

Operations have been concentrated within Guyana’s maritime space, spanning from the Demerara River to the Waini River mouth, covering the maritime boundary in the North West Region. Vessel operations have also extended to target the shoreline within Guyana’s territorial waters, the GDF explained.

“To date, the vessel patrols have covered an extensive area, a little over 9000 square nautical miles. Concurrently, the Coast Guard has alerted its Caribbean counterparts through the Regional Security System (RSS) to be vigilant for any possible sightings.

“In a collaborative effort, vessels operating in the region, including the Transport and Harbour Department MV Barima (North West Ferry), have been placed on high alert to keep a watchful eye for the missing vessel,” the press release further noted.

The fishing vessel along with its four crew members, was last seen on November 16, departing to assist a distressed vessel. Notably, the distressed vessel has since safely returned to port.

“The Guyana Defence Force Coast Guard remains dedicated to the search and rescue mission, deploying all available resources and collaborating with regional partners to ensure a comprehensive and coordinated effort. Regular updates will be provided as the situation unfolds.”

The fishermen on board the vessel are Worrin Yipsam, Cecil Persaud, Vickram Singh and Hazrat Razack.

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