Guyanese investors told to form partnerships in agri, renewable energy ahead of Offshore Tech Conference  


The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) is gearing up for its participation at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) billed for May 2024.

In its preparations, member companies and local investors are urged to pitch agricultural and renewable energy innovations even as they look to build partnerships.

Peter Ramsaroop, Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Office for Investment (GO-Invest), during a press conference on Monday at the Pegasus Corporate Suites, said the OTC creates pathways for investment opportunities in other sectors and not just oil and gas.

Ramsaroop told reporters that over the years local investors and those in the diaspora who participate were able to form partnerships. These have been strengthened over the years.

Although often considered a platform to boost the oil and gas sector here, Ramsaroop said the OTC is now a place for all sectors to benefit.

“The President’s vision of agriculture food security, climate services and energy will take precedence as government supports this event.

“We are looking for the private sector to continue promoting those companies around the world [and] we find the attendees at these conferences is not really about oil and gas only,” Ramsaroop said.

He added that all sectors are being developed in Guyana as part of the transformation of the nation and believes the private sector is ready to step up and deliver on the prosperity of the country.

“We have recorded through our office, investments, investment agreements and joint ventures, multimillion dollar investments and it has really changed the scope of some of these company’s support especially in the oil and gas industry but we also found companies that came to that conference and are now in agriculture and in other services,” Ramsaroop added.

He said companies in logistics, supply chain and other areas have benefitted from networking at this conference. It is important that these companies build on the networking opportunity that can bear opportunities in years to come, Ramsaroop said.

Meanwhile, Chamber’s Vice President Richard Rambarran said that Guyana’s presence may surpass last year’s 100 attendees at the May event at Texas, USA.

“Based on the interest thus far, it seems as if it is going to exceed that number… We are looking to surpass that sum total in the Guyana delegation,” Rambarran said.

Companies that focus on e-commerce, communication and other sectors that are expanding here are also urged to attend the conference. The Government also continues to support the private sector with regulations for the petroleum sector and data collection. These are efforts to promote confidence in these investment opportunities with Guyana.

Companies interested in participating at the OTC can contact the GCCI to do so.


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