Mahaica murder: Suspect released again, Police awaiting DNA results


After being arrested twice during the course of the investigation into the murder of Mahaica accountant, Chooromanie Tulsie called ‘Anita’, Police have once again released the suspect.

Sources told the News Room that there isn’t sufficient evidence at the moment to keep the man in custody. The man is known to the Police since he had previous brushes with the law.

The suspect, along with two of his workers, were arrested for questioning during the initial stage of the investigation but they were subsequently released.

However, last Monday, the man was re-arrested by the Police after new information surfaced in the case. And after being kept in custody for 72-hours he was again released from custody.

As the investigation continues, the News Room was reliably informed that detectives are currently awaiting the results of the DNA test.

The News Room reported that the suspect is known to the family and he reportedly had access to Tulsie’s house.

The body of 38-year-old Tulsie, an accountant, was discovered in the lower flat of the Lot 26 Unity, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara house she shared with her five-year-old son at around 08:00 hrs on November 22.

The discovery was made by Tulsie’s sister-in-law who would take care of her son while she was at work. Police found a piece of cloth stuffed inside her mouth and a knife was stuck at the centre of her throat.

A post-mortem examination later revealed that Tulsie died as a result of stab wounds compounded by blunt trauma to the head.

The News Room understands that there was no sign of forced entry into the house and only a bunch of keys belonging to Tulsie is missing. Her son was locked in the upper flat of the house. It is believed that her killer/s was known to her.

The murder has left Tulsie’s family puzzled for answers and they are hoping that justice would be served.

In an interview with the News Room on Wednesday, the dead woman’s sister, Chandroutie Persaud she won’t stop pursuing the matter until the perpetrator/s are caught and placed behind bars.

Persaud said she last spoke to the Police on Monday and they related that they are awaiting DNA results.

“I already buried by sister. My sister done dead and gone, we can’t bring her back. I was waiting on the DNA result…I don’t know what is going to happen as yet but I am hoping that when we get this DNA and everything, the Police Force going to act swiftly,” Persaud said.

While they await the outcome of the Police probe, Persaud told the News Room that the family is hurt to see the suspect roaming freely. She alleged that since his release, he has been boasting that he is protected and he cannot go to jail.

“This man is free. He is living his life…Its very heart wrenching right now to be seeing him often and then this man is boasting about how much money he got, the got three top lawyers, how he done pay Police…” Persaud noted.

She believes the DNA results will assist the Police in bringing the case to a close, noting that her sister had defensive wounds on her body.

“I would like the Police to act swiftly on this matter….before somebody else innocent daughter, sister or mother get murder,” she pleaded.

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    A little dab of some turpentine on some asses could speed up the process of DNA results- this is an old saying- a dab
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