Schoolboy attacked, stabbed to neck during card game at Westminster Secondary School


A 14-year-old schoolboy was stabbed in his neck on Wednesday during a card game at the Westminster Secondary School in Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara.

The child’s aunt, Lisa Scipio, related what occurred along with her dissatisfaction with the school’s response to the incident.

Scipio said her nephew told her that he and another student were gambling with cards when the child lost the game and got upset.

“The third form student would have lost the game and he got upset and he decided to throw the cards to my nephew and my nephew threw the cards back at him and I don’t know if they had a scuffle but all my nephew said the child turn and pull the razor and slash his neck and run out of the classroom, jumped the school fence and got away,” Scipio related.

A report was made to the police, however, the matter was referred to the School’s Welfare Department since both children are minors. The injured boy was treated and sent home.

According to Scipio, the school contacted her just after noon on Wednesday and informed her that they were trying to get transportation to take the child to the hospital.

“I get a call from my nephew school that is Westminster in Parfaite Harmonie around 12:19hrs stating that they were trying to get transportation to take him to the hospital because he got injured to the neck.

“I did try asking them what exactly happened but that was all the information given,” Scipio said during an interview.

Following the call, she immediately contacted the child’s mother and other relatives. Together, they again tried to get information from the school about what exactly happened.

“The HM was very much disrespectful, she hung up the phone and refused to take any call and give us any information,” Scipio claimed.

The aunt said she rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital and there she found out that his throat had been slit.

“When I got to the hospital that is West Demerara I saw my nephew siting in a chair and his white shirt was covered in blood. A third form student took a razor and slashed him to the side of his neck,” Scipio explained.

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  1. Don A Gomes says

    Glad that he is alive and got medical help.Do not crusjfy the HM.

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