KFC Elite League Cup final involving GDF postponed


The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has postponed the final of the KFC Elite League between the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and Western Tigers in solidarity with the soldiers.

The final was scheduled for Friday, December 8; no new date has been affixed.

Statement from the Guyana Football Federation:  

“As the nation prays and hopes for the safety of the crew and passengers of the missing Guyana Defence Force helicopter, the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has decided to postpone the GFF-KFC Elite League Cup finals scheduled to be played on Friday, December 8 to a later date.

The finals would have featured the GDF Football Club versus the Western Tigers Football Club. In solidarity with not only one of our Members but with the nation at large, the GFF is duty-bound to take account of the national mood.

At this time, this mood is not celebratory as it pays respect to our nation’s men and women in arms who zealously protect our freedoms.

Accordingly, the GFF would like to let the families, friends and members of the GDF know that they are in our thoughts and prayers, and to encourage them to hold fast to the confession of their hopes without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.”

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