There will be a payout to public servants before year-end – Jagdeo assures


Vice President Dr. Bharat Jagdeo on Thursday sought to assure hundreds of citizens working across the public sector of a government payout before the end of the year.

Jagdeo, who was speaking during a press conference at the Office of the President, did not state whether the payout would be in the form of a retroactive salary increase or a one-off bonus.

He said, however, that people should not pay any attention to speculation in the public domain.

“By the end of year, a payout will be made.

“Don’t worry about who is speculating what it will be… there will be a payout to public servants,” Dr. Jagdeo said in a passing comment while noting that the government is also finalising plans for the 2024 national budget.

Reports in one section of the media earlier this week suggested that the government was considering a nine per cent salary increase for public servants but Jagdeo would not confirm or deny this. Whatever the decision, the announcement will soon be made by President Dr. Irfaan Ali.

Last year, the President announced an 8% retroactive salary increase for these public sector workers.

Last month, however, Dr. Ali announced a suite of new support measures and increases for public sector workers and key groups but he promised that beyond these announcements, public sector workers can look forward to an across-the-board salary increase in December.

The new support measures and increases in November amounted to over $7 billion.

Among these were salary increases and allowances for graduate teachers; a $25,000 one-off bonus for all public sector workers, including those at semi-autonomous agencies and public enterprises; a $25,000 one-off bonus for old-age pensioners; and a $35,000 one-off bonus for persons living with disabilities.

Additionally, Dr. Ali announced an $850 million fertiliser support package for farmers and that Community Enhancement Workers will now get $40,000 monthly.

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