Buxton contractor died from blunt trauma to head – autopsy


A post mortem examination conducted on the body of Junior Clifton Thompson revealed that he died from ‘Subdural Hemorrhage as a result of Blunt Trauma to the Head’, resulting from a possible fall.

Thompson was a 47-year-old contractor from Grove, East Bank Demerara; at the time of the incident, he was constructing a house in the area and according to the Police, he had the keys to the premises.

Police Headquarters noted that the autopsy was performed by government pathologist, Dr Nehaul Singh on Friday at the Georgetown Public Hospital’s Mortuary.

Thompson’s body was discovered motionless by the Police at about 23:00 hrs on January 3, 2024, after an unknown caller called the Vigilance Police Station and reported that a man was lying motionless at a house at Buxton Side Line Dam, East Coast Demerara.

As a result, Police ranks visited the scene where, on arrival, they saw Thompson lying motionless on the lower flat ‘veranda’ of a two-storey concrete building.

“The body was examined and a small laceration with what appeared to be blood and swelling was seen to the back of his head. A further examination revealed what appeared to be a condom on his penis,” the Police report noted.

According to the Police, several persons were questioned and a 33-year-old man of Buxton Side Line Dam stated that at about 22:45 hrs the said night, he was walking home when he saw Thompson in the yard with a female and a child.

The resident said he observed Thompson attempting to either open or close the door and he fell backwards, hitting his head on the edge of the veranda.

“He rushed to assist the man and he saw the blood from the back of the head. The female went to get a vest to wrap the wound.  The body was escorted to the  Georgetown Public Hospital, where it was pronounced dead,” Police said.

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