GMR&SC embraces GT3 spec cars in new frontier for motorsport


The Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club (GMR&SC) is proud to announce a significant expansion in its racing categories by including GT3 spec cars.

This strategic move marks a pioneering step in the local motorsports scene.

It opens doors for participation from Latin and Central American regions, where GT3 spec racing is regarded as the pinnacle of motorsport excellence.

With the recent South Dakota track expansion and recognizing the dynamic landscape of motorsports and the rapid evolution of technology in the racing world, GMR&SC is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry.

The decision to introduce GT3 spec cars aligns with this vision.

It aims to provide more significant opportunities and challenges for local and international drivers, boosting the Guyana Sports Tourism value.

The GT3 spec class will be a new addition to the existing GP4 category, ensuring that GMR&SC continues catering to a wide range of racing enthusiasts.

This expansion is a testament to GMR&SC’s dedication to inclusivity and adaptability, ensuring that the motorsport community in Guyana remains at the cutting edge of global racing standards.

Mahendra Boodhoo, President of GMR&SC, expressed enthusiasm about this development,

stating, “We believe that embracing GT3 spec cars is a natural progression for our club. It enhances the competitive landscape and puts Guyana on the map as a destination for top-tier motorsports. We look forward to welcoming drivers, teams, and fans from across the region to join us in this exciting journey.”

GMR&SC invites all motorsports enthusiasts, drivers, and sponsors to stay tuned for upcoming events and more details. (GMR&SC) 

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