Prison Service going after ‘corrupt’ officers, relatives who smuggle contraband


In a bid to end the continued flow of contraband being smuggled into the prisons, Director of Prisons, Nicklon Elliot said on Sunday that additional security measures will be employed within the confines of each prison location.

Mr. Elliot alluded to the recent attempts by members of the public to either throw contraband items over the prison fence or placing such items around the prison.

The Prison Head also indicated that persons’ movements near the prison locations will be restricted and, in some cases, a “Stop and Search” exercise will be conducted.

The Prison Director indicated that the GPS will be erecting signs at strategic points outside of the prisons, warning the public to desist and the consequences attached to such an act.

However, Mr. Elliot warned that there will be no letup in bringing down corrupt officers, family members and friends of inmates who are bent on breaking the law.

“Public safety is a key component of the prison system, and all efforts will be made to achieve such a task”, the Prison Head said. (Press release from the Guyana Prison Service)

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