Annandale family repeatedly robbed, threatened with violence


An Annandale, East Coast Demerara (ECD) family of three has been robbed twice this month and is fearful for their safety.

Jennifer Sahadeo told the News Room that she, her husband and their seven-year-old child moved into their house in the new Annandale Housing Scheme last month.

On January 03, three men stormed their house and took most of their valuables. According to Sahadeo, the men took about $500,000 in jewellery, $72,000 cash and several electronic devices.

The family has no immediate neighbours.

The matter was reported to the Police and ranks from the Vigilance Police Station are investigating the matter.

However, the three men returned to Sahadeo’s house in the wee hours of Sunday and reportedly threatened to kill Jennifer’s husband, Danny.

Sahadeo said the family locked themselves inside the house so the men wouldn’t gain entry. She, however, alleged that the men took pieces of wood scattered in the yard from ongoing construction and broke the windows to the house and Danny’s minibus.

“We start to holla and when we holla, some people who live a lil distance… they run out, they start call for neighbours and so. So the men run away,” Sahadeo said.

The matter was once again reported to the Police and investigations continue.

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