CANU seized $461 million in drugs last year


For the year 2023, the Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit (CANU) seized approximately 1,363 kilograms of narcotics amounting to $461 million during operations across the country.

Cannabis accounted for 94 percent of the drugs seized in about 73 separate operations to a total street value of $386M; $75 million worth of cocaine were also seized.

Head of the CANU, James Singh made this revelation in the agency’s annual statistical report for the year.

The report outlined that the month of June accounted for the largest seizure in the year with 320kg of narcotics.

The type of drugs and number of seizures carried out in 2023

This was followed by 312kg in August and 207kg in December. Some 3,719 lbs of narcotics plants and cocaine were destroyed in two separate eradication exercises conducted during the year.

And coming out of the operations, a total of 80 arrests were made -70 men and 10 women.

Of this total, CANU said 54 were charged and placed before the court resulting in 47 convictions for the year.

“The age group of individuals over 50 years old constituted 48% of the overall arrests made during the year while the age group of 18 to 30 years old accounted for the other 41% of the total,” the report noted.

Though faced with challenges, Singh said the agency continue to operate in keeping with its mandate to reduce the flow of narcotics in and out of the country.

And in doing this, Singh said CANU has been working to strengthen its relationship with its international counterparts.

“Recognizing the global nature of the drug trade, we will continue to strengthen our collaboration with international partners to encourage coordinated efforts which have proven instrumental in tackling transnational drug-related threats,” Singh said.

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  1. habeeb says

    There is a market for Marijuana, especially Holland, I believe.
    So, stop burning the crap and sell it instead.
    CANU is wasting valuable crop when set afire.

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