Full report from CoI into Mahdia dorm fire now public


The full report of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Mahdia Secondary School dormitory fire was released to members of the media on Saturday for dissemination to the public, one day after it was handed over to President Dr. Irfaan Ali.

The report examined several issues about the events leading to the May 21, 2023 fire that claimed the lives of 20 children. The government was highly commended for the immediate and long-term support it provided. And while the heavily grilled building was found to be ill fitted to deal with fires and a delay in contacting the fire service was noted, the Commission chided other official for dereliction of their duty and neglect.

Several recommendations are contained therein all with the intent of fully addressing what has occurred and to prevent any recurrence in any part of the country. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL MAHDIA COI REPORT

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