Young mother who set Wortmanville house on fire granted station bail


A young mother of one, who is accused of deliberately setting the Norton Street, Wortmanville, Georgetown house on fire on Wednesday has been released on $100,000 station bail.

The occupants, who are now homeless, have been left in a state of confusion since they have no clue as to why the woman, who also resided in the house, would set it on fire.

“We were good, we were laughing. I help her, my family help her out. There was no motive why she did it. She was perfectly fine,” one of the occupants, Kimberly Blades told the News Room on Thursday.

Blades also noted that there is no dispute over the property, hence everyone remains puzzled. The fire, which started around 06:40hrs, was the second attempt and resulted in severe damage to the entire button flat of the house.

The building is owned by Blades’ grandfather, Carlton Holder and was occupied by 15 people.

Kimberly Blades

Blades, her mother, two minor children and a cousin lived in the bottom flat of the house. Blades said she noticed smoke in the building shortly after waking up.

Upon checking, she saw one of the beds on fire and immediately rushed to rescue her children who were still asleep.

“This time the fire was blazing like running through.

“The person that lit the fire, she was already downstairs and I holler for the neighbours to come and help us. They break the side door, raise up the windows and they start throw in the water. Everybody was trying to help,” Blades told the News Room.

It was confirmed that the fire was intentionally set after CCTV footage was reviewed and investigators saw a woman attempting to start a fire through a window.

“The Inspectors, the CID ranks went and view the camera. They saw she (suspect) was there. She set the fire …she stand there until the fire actually catch,” Blades noted.

With the suspect now on $100,000 station bail, Blades told the News Room she and her children are now fearful.

“I feel very scared because we are not sure if she can go ahead and finish the job because we don’t know what’s going through her mind. I feel very scared for not just me but my entire household.  I currently cannot be there because of the incident,” Blades said.

She is calling on the Police to thoroughly investigate the matter so that the suspect can be penalized.

“I want her to go where she belongs. Everybody deserve to pay for their own penalty. She didn’t thought about us, our kids, she didn’t think how we will be homeless. So I don’t think we should think about her right now.”

The matter was handed over to the Guyana Police Force for further investigation.

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