Suddie Hospital was a ‘shell’ but gov’t now building much-needed facility for Reg. 2 – Parag


Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Sonia Parag on Thursday lashed out at the former APNU+AFC government, stating that the Suddie hospital in Region Two was run down under their management.

But now, she said the PPP/C government hopes to provide better healthcare to the residents of the Pomeroon- Supenaam region. As such, it is investing in a new regional hospital at Coffee Grove/ Lima on the Essequibo Coast.

“Just like the COVID hospital that was opened and there was a ceremonial function on several different days, the one that was built at Suddie by the previous administration was a shell without anything that could not accommodate anyone, any patient, on the Essequibo Coast,” Parag said during the consideration of the 2024 budget estimates.

She later added, “The one that is being built at Coffee Grove/ Lima will have all the necessary equipment to give quality healthcare to the people of Region Two.”

The minister’s comments were made in response to a question posed by Opposition Parliamentarian, Shurwayne Holder.

According to him, a friend of his passed away in December while receiving treatment at the Suddie facility. Holder said that the individual needed a full-body scan but could not get that service at the Suddie hospital. So, he wanted to know what funds the government is allocating to improve healthcare services in the region.

Overall, $8.1 billion was approved for the region. Included in that sum is $414 million for regional administration and finance, $703 million for agriculture, $412 million for public works, $4.7 billion for education delivery and $1.8 billion for education delivery.

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