Bartica man caught with illegal ammunition


A 27-year-old gold miner was arrested on Sunday after he was found in possession of 15 rounds of ammunition.

In custody is Richard Kissoon of Bartica.

Police Headquarters said the discovery was made after the suspect’s car PVV 3605 was intercepted in the vicinity of Third Avenue, Bartica by ranks of Region Seven, who were on patrol duties.

Police said Kissoon was the lone occupant of the heavily tinted vehicle.

According to a Police report, the ranks requested to search for illegal items and the suspect agreed.

“One of the ranks searched him and found in his right hand a bulky parcel wrapped in white paper and transparent scotch tape. He opened the parcel and found fifteen (15)  .32 rounds of ammunition,” Police Headquarters said.

Kissoon was told of the offence, cautioned and arrested.

He was taken to the Bartica Police station and is assisting with the investigation.

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