Cane Harvester remanded for murder of girlfriend’s stepfather, peacemaker


A cane harvester from Ulverston Village, Corentyne was Tuesday charged with the murders of two men last week.

Devon Stanley, 32, of Ulverston Village appeared at the Mibicuri Magistrate’s Court to answer to the charge which read that between Friday, February 02 and Saturday, February 03, he murdered Floudy Moore called ‘Kinga’ and Quacy LaRose called ‘Bloodie Eye’.

Prosecutor Collin Clarke informed the Court that the file was incomplete since the post-mortem reports for the deceased were outstanding.

In keeping with the adjournment, Stanley will return to Court on February 22 and the case was transferred to the Whim Magistrate’s Court.

However, it was made public that post-mortem examinations done on the body of Moore revealed that he died from an incised wound to the neck compounded with shock and hemorrhage whilst LaRose died from multiple incised wounds.

According to reports, Moore shared a relationship with his stepdaughter who is also Stanley’s girlfriend. Moore would provide money for her to cook.

Late Friday evening, Stanley arrived at the home where he discovered the woman and Moore in bed; this led to a fight.

Floudy Moore and Quacky LaRose were brutally murdered at Alness Village, Corentyne, Berbice on Friday

Stanley armed himself with a cutlass and chopped Moore about his body.

LaRose who lives in the same house as a tenant attempted to intervene and Stanley chased and fatally chopped him.

Stanley escaped to Liverpool Village, Corentyne where police carried out several searches but came up empty-handed. He eventually turned himself over at the Whim Police Station in the presence of a relative.

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