Fitness Express, E-Master Corporation onboard Powerlifting novices


The longest partnership with Powerlifting as a corporate partner was maintained when the Owner/Manager of Fitness Express, Jamie McDonald, presented a cheque to Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPLF) President Franklin Wilson.

The entity’s John and Sheriff Street, Campbellville Store, was the venue for the simple handover.

McDonald noted that his company was more than pleased to continue a rich tradition of support for the sport.

“Fitness Express is happy to continue our support for powerlifting, which continues to do well here in Guyana and internationally. I’ve seen the continued growth of this strength sport and the development of our athletes, both male and female, and dare say, we are proud to be a part of this exciting development.”

E-Master Corporation’s Managing Director,  Oudit Seenarain, also shared his company’s delight at being on board and able to back the sport and the young athletes entering the competition.”

“Powerlifting no doubt is on the up; we can see and feel its development, and we at E-Master Corporation are more than privileged to be part of the sport at this juncture in our history. The GAPLF can be assured of our unflinching partnership going forward.”

The annual competition, which will take place at the Saint Stanislaus College Auditorium, beginning at 09:00h on Sunday, will showcase several male and female athletes aiming to make a mark in the sport.

The rivalry is anticipated to be keen as the strong men and women aim to outdo each other with medals and trophies at stake for the outstanding performers. Fitness Express has also agreed to reward the respective female and male overall winners with a supplement hamper each.

The sport reached its highest international achievement just last Saturday when Guyana’s marquee strongman, Carlos Petterson-Grifith, briefly broke and held the 93kg squat record at Sheffield24, which brought together the 12 best male and female lifters from around the world.

And, while 2023 was a very successful year for powerlifting, with Guyana competing and medaling at all three World Championships, apart from the South American Championships, 2024 is expected to be another successful year, according to GAPLF President Franklin Wilson.

“I’d like to extend the Federation’s gratitude to Fitness Express and E-Master Corporation for their continued investment in our sport. It’s support like what we get from these two entities that fuels the growth and sustenance of the sport and ensures that we keep our local competitions, which is mandatory.’

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