Two prisoners escape from Police custody


Two prisoners, 31-year-old Keon Webster and 23-year-old Kareem Douglas, escaped from Police custody on Monday, just as they were being admitted to the Lusignan prison on the East Coast of Demerara (ECD).

Police Headquarters said two ranks from the Brickdam Police Station in Georgetown escorted three men from the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court to the prison.

The men on remand were Webster and Douglas, who were both charged with simple larceny, and 26-year-old Reon Jonas who was charged with robbery under arms.

When the two Officers and the three prisoners arrived at the prison, the Officer driving the Force vehicle reportedly reversed into the reception gate. Both Officers then exited the vehicles and opened the doors for the prisoners.

Jonas reportedly exited the vehicle and walked through the prison’s entrance while the two other men (Webster and Douglas), who were previously handcuffed to each other, jumped out of the prison van and began running north towards the public road.

Police said Webster had the handcuff hanging on the left hand.

Police and Prison Officers chased after the men but the two men reportedly ran west through the prison farm and then split up in different directions.

An alarm was raised and other ranks ventured out to search for the prisoners.

In a release issued on Monday night, Police said a joint search party is still in the area searching for the prisoners. CCTV footage from the prison is being viewed.

The two ranks are also under close arrest as investigations continue.


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  1. Derek De Souza says

    find them quickly… should there have been any breach by person.. responsible for their escape… let the chips fall where they may..
    no cover up…on this very serious matter

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