Duo busted collecting $64 million in cocaine over airport fence


Ranks of the Customs Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU) on Thursday arrested two men at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Timehri, East Bank Demerara after they were caught collecting four duffle bags over the airport’s fence.

A press release from CANU noted that they officers were performing duties at the baggage shed area when they saw the two men retrieving the bags from an unknown male.

A search of the bag led to the discovery of 64 brick-like parcels of cocaine and according to CANU, if it had arrived at its intended destination in the United Kingdom, the cocaine would have been worth an estimated street value of over £3,000,000 which is equivalent to approximately GY$679 million.

The cocaine discovered by CANU (Photo: CANU)

The suspects have been identified as Travis Sealey, 26, a shift leader attached to the New Timehri Handling Service (NTHS) and Koby Bakker, 20, a ground security coordinator attached to Secure Innovations and Concept (SIC), both of Timehri.

They were both escorted to CANU’s headquarters, where the suspected narcotic tested positive for cocaine and weighed 71.2 kg (157 lbs); it has a local street value of an estimated $64 million, according to CANU.

The narcotic was intended to be loaded on a British Airways Flight bound for St. Lucia (UVF), with onward connection to the United Kingdom.

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  1. habeeb says

    Failed thorough vetting by authorities, if any, who they employ in a sensitive area like an AIRPORT.
    Maybe, they just got the jobs as convenience by someone known who vouched for them.
    There surely is a top dog who runs that drug empire in Guyana….with all that movement of drugs… the police
    must know something but, stay away just to catch the little movers.

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