Man, 22, arrested after crashing stolen car


Shelton Richardson, 22, is in police custody after he was identified as the person who stole a car and later crashed it at El Paso, Region Eight.

The side of the car.

The Police Force on Wednesday said the Fielder Wagon #HC 5757, valued at 1,250,000, belongs to Felthon Benn, 48, a gold miner of El Paso village.

It was parked in front of Benn’s house at 18:30hrs on Tuesday and the key was left on the driver’s seat.

Benn went into his home and soon after, his son told him that “someone gone with the car.”
Benn eventually found the crashed car on a hill in the village.

Subsequently, Benn was told that Richardson, a pork knocker in the village, stole the car.

The police arrested Richardson at around 20:20hrs on Tuesday. He reportedly admitted to driving off with the vehicle. He is currently in police custody.

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