Miner, cook nabbed with cannabis during police raid


A 39-year-old miner/shopowner and a cook were arrested on Thursday following the discovery of 185 grams of cannabis in their Mango Landing, Region Eight house.

The suspects are Martin Graham Mittelholzer and Dianne Abrams.

Police Headquarters in a statement said the raid was conducted by ranks from the Mango Landing police outpost between 04:55hrs and 05:30hrs.

Upon arrival at the house, Police said the suspects were informed that the exercise was being conducted for drugs, firearm and ammunition and they agreed.

During the search, Police said a black bulky plastic bag behind a gas stove in the kitchen.

“The bag contained a quantity of leaves, seeds, and stems suspected to be Cannabis, along with a quantity of cash,” Police Headquarters noted.

As such, both suspects were escorted to the Mango Landing Police Outpost and then to the Mahdia Police Station, where the suspected narcotic was weighed in their presence.

It amounted to 185 grams.

They remain in custody and are assisting with the investigation.

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