GBA National Academy and ‘Learn to Box’ programme to start month-end


The Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) will implement its ‘National Academy and Learn to Box’ programme from March 25, with the Andrew ‘Six Head’ Lewis gym in Albouystown serving as the starting point of the initiative.

The programme, which will last for 12 days and feature a cadre of technical officers, inclusive of coaches and officials, will be staged in several jurisdictions throughout the country as the association continues its mandate to promote and decentralise the discipline.

The project will also encompass the introduction of a refereeing and judging element for individuals who are interested in this aspect of the sport.

Overall, the initiative serves as an introduction to the discipline and all its rules and regulations. A detailed timetable will be forthcoming on the areas and dates for the initiative.

During the course of the programme, the GBA will provide meals and refreshments for the participants. Additionally, registration forms will be made available this week.

GBA President Steve Ninvalle said, “The implementation of this novel programme comes on the heels of the staging of the ‘developmental championship’ which was a tremendous success and has opened the door for the introduction of this academy project.”

According to Ninvalle, “The GBA is taking a proactive approach to this process of expansion, and the resulting success of the New Amsterdam Academy at the recently concluded ‘developmental championship’ is indicative that a massive interest exists in the respective communities and regions. Programmes of this nature are at the forefront of the sport’s future growth and sustenance.”

He further said, “Given the expected success that is envisioned by the association, this project has all the markings of being a permanent staple on the association’s annual calendar of events, which unquestionably and unequivocally will provide long-term benefits both inside and outside the squared circle. After all, while the acquisition of new fighters is important, of equal value is the realisation of new technical officers such as judges and referees.”

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