Large crowds flock Freedom House as ‘rumour’ of cash distributions swirls


“They have been duped!”

That was the response of Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister Kwame McCoy when scores of citizens flocked the headquarters of the governing PPP/C in Georgetown on Wednesday, in hopes that they would benefit from cash distributions.

McCoy in of dispelling the growing crowd said it was a rumour, part of a larger scheme of mischief involving the APNU political opposition.

“What is occurring really reflects what’s happening in communities… the APNU is spreading rumours that money is sharing at Freedom House,” McCoy told the media.

Most of those persons outside Freedom House, Robb Street were residents from the south ward of the city and included small numbers from the lower East Coast and East Bank of Demerara.

They said that they were told monies were being distributed. They claimed to have even placed their names on lists in the past.

Despite repeated instructions that they should go home since no cash was being distributed, people filed themselves into lines and waited patiently.

“It is pure mischief.”

“There is no money sharing here today… and monies from the government are not shared at Freedom House

“Absolutely none… We do not share monies here,” McCoy insisted.

Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister Kwame McCoy

He advised that what is in place is a small business grant programme to help people start up and expand businesses.

He said while that has been in place for some time and monies are made available through the Sustainable Livelihoods and Entrepreneurial Development (SLED), that process is not managed at the party’s headquarters.

Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister Kwame McCoy

“There is a way in which that occurs, not in the fashion it is being done today.

“Government programmes are managed by government facilities

“There is no grant being given here at Freedom House,” McCoy added.

Despite his urgings, the crowd grew and people remained hopeful.

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