MCY&S/NSC Easter swim camp to commence March 26


In what has become a successful initiative for the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sport (MCY&S) in collaboration with the National Sports Commission (NSC), the annual Easter Vacation National Swimming Programme will officially commence on Tuesday, March 26.

“The programme, which had its rebirth in 2022 and is free of cost, has evolved into a national policy and is tailored to children and individuals aged 18. The programme will also cater to individuals with disabilities, further extending its scope of importance and impact,” a press release from the NSC highlighted.

It will be implemented at four facilities underscoring its national nature, which are the Aquatic Centre, Liliendaal, the site of its intended launch; the Colgrain Swimming Pool, Georgetown; the Watooka Swimming Pool, Linden; and the Albion Estate Pool, East Berbice.

Experienced national coach Paul Mahaica will once again be the programme coordinator and lead trainer.

In excess of 7,000 individuals participated in 2023, which also encompassed the novel Adult Learning Programme. Similarly, more than 12,000 participants have utilised the programme since its return in 2022.

Director of Sport, Steve Ninvalle

Director of Sport Steve Ninvalle said the programme has received overwhelming support since its return, noting that the teaching of a life skill has developed into a cultural phenomenon.

“While the groundwork would have been done in the previous editions in sensitising the populace about the programme via several different avenues, inclusive of social media, its resulting success during that period and its expected and continued eminence going forward are primary reasons for its continued historic turnout.”

Ninvalle added: “With the mammoth turnout that is once again a reality, safety is the guiding star and the building block of this programme, which has never had an unfortunate consequence or episode. We intend to maintain that unblemished record in every regard as we strive to create the ideal environment for learning, social interactions, and discourse so that this initiative can continue its upward trajectory.”

“With success, the natural tendency or progression is for expansion. That is a reality that is being explored as queries have emanated from other environs about that possibility, as the programme is currently being staged in three regions. A gradual but structured expansion is being explored.”

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