Contractor blames utility companies, lists pending decisions among factors delaying Cemetery Rd. project


Pending decisions including the rehabilitation of two bridges and the extension of a carriageway as well a lack of reliability on the part three utility companies are among the factors which are contributing to the delay of the Cemetery Road project in Georgetown.

Avinash Constructing and Scrap Metal Inc., the construction company, executing the works, made the claims in a letter addressed to Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill.

In the letter dated, March 5, the company’s civil engineer Kharamchand Balram listed the factors which are contributing to the delay of the project.

It came following threats by Minister of Public Works Juan Eghill last week that the project will be terminated if the works are not completed by the end of this month. The project, awarded in 2022, is delayed by more than a year.

In the letter, the company said that they were instructed “to hold” on the rehabilitation of two bridges at Front Road until further instructions are passed.

But to date, this was not done.

“To date, two bridges by Sussex Street, eastern and western side, no decision has been made whether if we are going to rehabilitated it or it will remain as it is,” the letter stated.

Further, the company said they were only told to upgrade a section of the carriageway between Front Road and Mandela Avenue during a recent visit.

“…The reinforced concrete drains and culverts between Front Road and Mandela should be fully completed before preparing the carriageway.

“To date…no work order or letter was given to us directing up to go ahead with the construction,” the letter noted.

In the pathway of the works that are yet to be completed are the poles and lines of three utilities companies. And while removal have begun for some, the letter said some remain incomplete.

“Please note that a lot of changes have been occurring on this project from the starting date and with these changes, accountability of time is not taken into consideration carefully,” the letter highlighted.

The letter was drafted the same day Edghill visited the site.

Due to the delay, Edghill had said the contractor will be required to submit a revised work plan that demonstrates how the project will be completed by the end of March.

If that cannot be done, Edghill said there will be consequences.

After an initial delay, the project to upgrade the existing two-lane Cemetery Road to four lanes was extended to the end of January, 2024.

Avinash Constructing and Scrap Metal Inc. was awarded the $475M contract in 2022.

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