Workers injured after boiler explodes at Bush Lot rice mill


An incident on Thursday at the Hack Rice Mill located at Bush Lot Village, West Coast Berbice left at least three workers injured.

Police sources in Region Five said the incident occurred at about 15:30 hrs. The rice mill is owned and operated by Fiaz Abdool Hack, 47, a businessman of Cane Grove, East Coast Demerara

The News Room understands that Sukra Harrygobin, 25, an operator of Bath Settlement, was operating the boiler, accompanied by Farad Uddin, 19, of Blairmont, and Anthony Ramlochan, 20, of Bush Lot Village, when the boiler exploded.

Harrygobin told police that immediately after the explosion he raised an alarm but later began feeling pain about his body.

Workers rushed to his aid. Uddin and Ramlochan also sustained injuries on their bodies; they were all rushed to the Fort Wellington Hospital. Reports indicate that Sukra’s left foot was partially severed and he suffered burns to the upper part of his body.

Ramlochan sustained burns to approximately 50 per cent of his body while Uddin sustained lacerations to his right leg. They, however, took self-discharge and sought medical attention at a private hospital in Georgetown. Ramlochan, the News Room understands, is presently seeking treatment at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

Their conditions are regarded as serious. Police said that efforts to speak to the management of the rice mill “proved futile”.

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  1. habeeb says

    Too much pressure build-up, or faulty pressure release valve.
    The paddy needs the steam to make parboiled rice.
    Call in the experts on Boiler operations.

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