FL Sport and Guyana TV Network support GCB’s Youth Programme


Local streaming companies FL Sport and Guyana TV Network are the latest entities to make financial contributions to the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) to aid in cricket development at the nursery level.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FL Sport, John Ramsingh, handed over GY$200,000 on behalf of the two entities, which is expected to be used to develop age-group cricket for boys and girls.

“The folks at the Guyana TV Network and FL Sport think that the youngsters need the support, and we would like to see them rewarded handsomely from a young age.

That is why we are doing this and will continue to do so. Maybe we can get to that stage where we adopt a young player, support him or her, and watch them develop into professionals, then we begin the cycle again,” Ramsingh noted.

The pledge was made during the final of the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) Inter-Association Senior Men’s T20 Tournament, where the idea of the emerging player caught the attention of the streaming companies, and the conversation started.

The handover was done at Everest Cricket Club at the conclusion of the 1983 Reunion cricket match for the Guyana team to GCB’s Technocrat Officer with responsibility for marketing, Anil Beharry.

The GCB welcomed the latest additions to the growing list of sponsors/shareholders, who have been coming to the board by the numbers, as they team up to play a role in cricket development further while supporting its cricketers across all levels.

FL Sport has been the go-to company for live streaming, and their productions are seen on www.flsport.gy and the FL Sport channel on the Guyana TV Network App.

Patrons may download the Guyana TV Network App on their mobile devices or television sets to follow their favorite sport, whether live or at their convenience at a later time. (Guyana Cricket Board) 

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