Second Local Content Summit set for April 16


Building upon the success of the inaugural Local Content Summit in 2023, the eagerly anticipated 2024 Summit is scheduled to take place on April 16, 2024, at the prestigious Pegasus Suites and Corporate Centre.

Themed “Creating Value. Driving Economic Expansion,” this year’s Summit reaffirms its commitment to bringing together key stakeholders from various sectors.

The Local Content Summit is a collaborative endeavour between MBW Energy Support Services Inc., Prestige Management Consultants, and the Ministry of Natural Resources, Local Content Secretariat. Together, these entities are dedicated to advancing the local content agenda and fostering sustainable development within Guyana’s oil and gas industry.

Enacted in Parliament in December 2021, the Local Content Legislation was crafted to oversee activities within the burgeoning Oil and Gas sector, with the aim of propelling Guyana’s economic growth and development.

It outlines strategies to foster more business, trade, and commerce opportunities, cultivate a skilled and adaptable workforce, and forge strategic alliances with international companies to bolster Guyana’s participation in the Oil and Gas sector, as well as in complementary and non-traditional sectors.

“We are thrilled to continue the momentum of the Local Content Summit with our 2024 edition,” says Abbigale Loncke-Watson, President of MBW Energy Support Services Inc.

Abbigale Loncke-Watson, President of MBW Energy Support Services Inc.

“This event serves as a crucial platform for advancing our collective understanding of how local content initiatives can drive economic expansion and create lasting value for Guyana.”

The upcoming Summit remains committed to its mission of convening Policy Makers, Regulatory and Support Agencies and Organizations, Educators, Operators and Sub-Contractors, Industry experts, Vendors/Suppliers, Investors, and the Local Private Sector, alongside other key stakeholders and interested parties. This inclusive approach ensures a comprehensive exchange of ideas and perspectives, fostering collaboration and driving progress within Guyana’s oil and gas industry.

Attendees can expect insights from a diverse array of speakers, featuring presentations, panel discussions, and testimonials addressing crucial decision-making information relevant to the Local Content Legislation’s key focus areas. These include supply chain management, procurement strategies, employment policies, capacity development initiatives, and market analysis.

The comprehensive program aims to provide attendees with a deeper understanding of the benefits of achieving Local Content certification and strategies to capitalize on available and forthcoming opportunities. For more details about the Summit including sponsorship and registration information, please visit the event website at

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