Guyana Center for Civic Engagement launches ‘YOUthEngage592’ leadership training program


Over 25 high school students from J.C. Chandisingh, Corentyne Comprehensive, Lower Corentyne, Winifred Gaskin Memorial, Manchester, and Port Mourant secondary schools have embarked on an enriching journey of civic engagement and leadership training, thanks to a dynamic partnership between the Guyana Center for Civic Engagement (GyCCE) and funding support from the U.S. Embassy.

The “YOUthEngage592 Leadership Training Program” is a pioneering initiative designed to empower Guyanese youth with essential skills in civic engagement, democratic participation, ethical leadership, and volunteerism. Over an intensive 2-month period, students will undergo comprehensive training in key areas such as civic engagement, voting education, conflict resolution, and project planning, alongside instilling a strong ethos of volunteerism within their communities.

Managed by Community Solutions Program alumnus Deodat Persaud, the project is set to extend its reach to students in Essequibo and Bartica, amplifying its impact across the nation.

This transformative program aims to cultivate a new generation of leaders who are not only knowledgeable about civic responsibility but also equipped to effect real change in their communities.

In line with the objectives outlined by GyCCE, the “YOUthEngage592” program seeks to:

Increase civic engagement among high school students in Guyana.

Empower students to actively participate in the democratic process.

Develop leadership skills among high school students.

Foster a sense of volunteerism and community service.

The program, which commenced at J.C. Chandisingh secondary school, is poised to impact the lives of 100 students selected from high schools in Regions 2, 6, and 7. Upon successful completion of the eight-month implementation, students will receive a certificate in recognition of their dedication and completion of a community-based project. This project component aims to further instill the values of volunteerism and civic responsibility among participants.

Commenting on the initiative, Deodat Persaud emphasized the importance of investing in youth empowerment, stating, “Our goal is to nurture a generation of leaders who are not only passionate about civic engagement but also equipped with the skills and commitment to drive positive change.”

The success of the “YOUthEngage592” program underscores the commitment of GyCCE to foster youth development and promote democratic values in Guyana.

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