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Recover Guyana is searching for Guyana’s ‘Top Youth Environmental Speaker’. The registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) has collaborated with the Ministry of Education with support from ExxonMobil Guyana and other partners to launch the second edition of the SHOUT Competition. The four-phased competition, open to Secondary Schools across Guyana to get students more involved in environmental protection and preservation, was launched on Friday, April 05, 2024 at the Ramada Georgetown Princess Hotel.

During the launch ceremony, Founder and President of Recover, Dr. Dave Lalltoo, said the competition aims to encourage creative thinking among participants towards becoming environmental advocates for sustainability.

“Each phase of the SHOUT 2024 is a step forward in nurturing a generation of informed, skilled, and motivated environmental advocates, ready to make a tangible difference in their communities and beyond,” he said.

The competition was first hosted in 2023 on World Environment Day and the winner declared after extensive judging was Vassana Persaud of Queen’s College. Vasanna later went on to launch a water purification project within her school’s premises to combat plastic bottle waste.

Speaking about her experience, Ms. Persaud said, “I am reminded of the profound impact it has had on my perspective and the transformative power of collective action in addressing environmental challenges. Today, I wish to take you through my personal experience with the competition, shedding light on the process, and culminating with the vision of my environmental project.”

This year’s competition begins on April 08, 2024, with Phase One (1), being the submission of a one (1) minute recorded video answering the question: “What sustainable changes would you make to your school’s environment should you be given one million dollars (GY$1,000,000) to do so?” It concludes on World  Environment Day (June 5, 2024) with the LIVE segment covering the three (3) other  phases. 

Mr. Sheldon Granville, Assistant Chief Education Officer (ACEO), “It is important  to create a space which allows our children to develop an awareness of and find  solutions to mitigate environmental challenges. It is the privilege of the ministry of  Education to be a part of this activity.”

On June 5, a total of thirty (30) students who are shortlisted after initial scoring of  all entries, will be asked to deliver a 90-second speech on an environmental topic selected by the organization, after which the top ten participants will take part in an  Impromptu Speech segment. The fourth phase of the competition is set aside for the  top three scorers who will be asked one standard question and be judged based on  their answers.

There is a total of $3M in cash and prizes, including $1,000,000 in  cash and in-kind support for the top Secondary School to implement their initially  proposed Environment Enhancement Project, among other prizes. Special Awards  such as the Best Speaker Award, Most Influential Speech Award, the Green Award  and Environmental Impact Award will celebrate exceptional achievements.  

The competition is supported by ExxonMobil Guyana. Operations Integrity  Management System Co-ordinator Tenesha Les Flores said, “We all have a  collective responsibility towards the environment. Whether it’s being responsible in  our homes, schools, or on a larger scale. Together, we can raise awareness and  nurture a sense of responsibility. 

“We have a motto at ExxonMobil Guyana, here and in our global projects of  ‘Protect Tomorrow, today.’ So we hope that we are inspiring Guyana’s youth to  take an active role in protecting the environment today for your future. Be part of  driving positive change and cultivating a generation passionate about safeguarding  our planet’s future,” she added.

The organisation promises a fair, transparent and environmentally friendly  competition which will be used to showcase the potential of local resources in  creating impactful, sustainable solutions.  

Recover is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NGO) geared towards helping  vulnerable communities by providing a window of opportunities in the most  sustainable manner. The NGO, launched in 2018, partners with public and private  companies in its quest to promote sustainable development. Through its dedicated  team, the organisation has assisted many families in growing their kitchen gardens  and provided over 500 green hampers comprising of healthy foods to families in  specially disadvantaged communities in Berbice and Demerara. 

Vice President of the organisation Dr. Latoya Gooding said the NGO has achieved  its objective of educating others on the need to protect and preserve the environment. 

“We will continue to educate others, empower our youths, advocate for policies that  prioritize environmental sustainability, invest in community-based conservation  initiatives, and foster partnerships that promote innovation and collaboration,” she  said.  

Recover Guyana extends heartfelt gratitude to its title sponsor, ExxonMobil Guyana; Green Sponsors – Ultra Care Medical Centre Inc., Guyoil, Flawless Dental GY and  Camex Restaurants Inc., the Ramada Georgetown Princess Hotel; SHOUT 2024  Partners – Professional Print & Design, Anthony Indar Productions, Guyana Premier  Consultancy, Elevate, Pixel Productions; and Prize sponsors: GTT, Muneshwers  Limited, Prime Import of Guyana, Massy Stores Guyana, Trophy Stall and Ezy Real  Estate.

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