‘Shower love, generosity on the less fortunate’ – Pres. Ali in Eid message


The Holy Month of Ramadan has ended.  During the Holy Month, Muslims engaged in acts of abstinence, fasting, charity and prayer to strengthen their faith in Allah.

This special period assures them of God’s blessings.  Now that Ramadan has ended, Muslims express their profound gratitude for Allah’s mercies and celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with great joy.

I extend warm Eid-ul-Fitr 2024 greetings to all Guyanese, especially our Islamic community, who find immense happiness in this festival.

During Eid-ul-Fitr, Muslims in Guyana will gather with loved ones, share with those in need, and reflect on the oneness of humanity, as emphasised in the Holy Quran.

Guyana’s promise of sustained prosperity and social harmony allows us all to celebrate each other’s festivals with greater unity and joy.

Eid-ul-Fitr also serves as a reminder of our shared values of togetherness, happiness, love, forgiveness, and compassion.

As we celebrate, let us shower our love and generosity on our fellow brothers and sisters, especially the less fortunate.  Uplifting the vulnerable is an obligation of our faith.

The Holy Prophet (On Whom be Peace) says: “He is not a believer whose stomach is full while the neighbour to his side is starving.”

Let us therefore observe Eid-ul-Fitr with gratitude and a heart full of love and empathy.

Eid-Mubarak to all!


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