Woman dies after squeezed, run-over by truck


A woman lost her life on Monday after she was struck down and run over by a truck along Water Street in Georgetown.

She was identified as Doreen Haynes. The incident was captured on video.

The potentially distressing video shows the woman standing almost in the center of the road while engaging a man who was seated in a parked canter.

This obstructed the lane and the truck driver was forced to overtake them but while he made his way back into his lane and out of the path of oncoming traffic, the woman was squeezed between the two vehicles and dragged a short distance.

The back left side tires of the truck ran over the lower part of her body. She died moments later.

  1. habeeb says

    I love that original of this: truck ran over the LOVER part of her body…

  2. habeeb says

    Sorry, but, this is a very gruesome way to die.
    The woman is at fault for standing on the “traffic side” having a conversation…that’s part one;
    She should have completely moved out the way.
    The second part- the passing driver had enough space to go well past the stopped vehicle instead of
    making such a sharp angled left, resulting in the death. Oncoming traffic must wait for passing truck
    to “clear” the sitting truck.

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