28 Linden landowners receive steel and cement subsidy


Randolph Braffith receives his subsidy voucher from Head of the Central Housing and Planning Authority, Sherwyn Greaves. [Photo: Ministry of Housing and Water/ May 23, 2024]
Linden pensioner Randolph Braffith owns a plot of land but lived in a shack for seven years because he was unable to raise the funds to build a house.

His years of endurance are almost over as Braffith on Thursday received $225,000 to commence construction through the Ministry of Housing and Water Steel and Cement Subsidy initiative.

“This will assist me a lot to start…I have a shack.

“I own the land but due to the lack of funds I couldn’t have start building. Now I will be able to start a foundation. I can start building…and from there I will continue until I finish building,” the emotional Braffith told the News Room.

Braffith was among 28 residents from Linden, Region 10 who benefitted from the subsidy, amounting to $6.3 million.

The vouchers, each valued $225,000 were handed over by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA), Sherwyn Greaves during an outreach held at the Watooka Guest House.

According to Greaves, the initiative was rolled out by the government having recognised the challenges faced by persons looking to build houses.

“A lot of the banks, before the mortgage is initiated, persons must do something on their house and a lot of persons were struggling with that initial investment,” Greaves said.

To date, Greaves noted that the agency has distributed over 130 vouchers to residents in Linden, amounting to $30 million.

“The persons who are benefitting from this subsidy are from all across Linden…So it shows that the reach of the programme, the feedback [is that] persons are very happy.

“Parliament would have budgeted funds towards this and we want to see that the funds being used, houses being built…so that is a way of pushing persons towards that,” Greaves told the News Room.

Like Braffith, every other beneficiary had challenges starting construction.

Single parent mother of five, Carol Martin currently lives in her parents’ house although she acquired a house lot several years ago. She was unable to start building as she invested in her children’s education.

“I have this land a very long time, years since my children were very small. I have my blocks but I could not have been able to financially do the foundation because I have five kids as a single parent and I had to give them a proper education.

“I am happy that I get assistance now…I sacrificed a lot. I have been saving along the line and then my children is going to assist me and I am going to be able to push however I could,” Martin told the News Room.

The vouchers are redeemable at four suppliers in Linden.

To apply for the subsidy, persons are required to provide copies of relevant documents such as TIN certificates, proof of identification, marriage certificates (if applicable) and approved house plans from the various municipalities.

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