Corentyne man defends mother by hitting uncle semi conscious


By Royan Abrams

A fisherman of Friendship Squatting Area on the Corentyne is now a patient at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital in a semi-conscious state after being hit with a cutlass by his nephew on Thursday, September 29, 2016.


43-year-old Deonarine Budhoo was struck to his back and later collapsed.


According to information reaching the News Room, at about 8:00 hours, Budhoo and his nephew 23-year-old Suresh Persaud of Friendship Squatting Area had a misunderstanding which stepped from an argument Budhoo had with Persaud’s mother.


Persaud told police who visited the scene that he met with Budhoo to have a conversation with him regarding the incident with his mother’s. However, Budhoo became annoyed and attacked Persaud with a cutlass during which a scuffle ensue as Persaud was trying to take away the weapon.


Persaud managed to take away and the cutlass and dealt Budhoo a lash to his back which rendered him semi-conscious. He was picked up by relatives and rushed to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where he was admitted.


Investigations into the matter are still ongoing.


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