DPP calls for Gilhuys’ phone records in “Justice Perversion” probe


The Director of Public Prosecution has requested that the Guyana Police Force include phone records of Attorney-at-Law and former controversial Magistrate Gordon Gilhuys in their file, as part of the “attempt to pervert the course of justice” investigation.

This is after documents included in the initial files, which were sent to the DPP’s Chambers stated that the attorney was making telephone contact with members of the Guyana Police Force and relatives of a 14 year old rape victim.

Gordon Gilhuys is representing a young man from Linden who is accused of raping the 14 year old girl. It is alleged that sometime last month the attorney approached a junior police rank and instructed him to approach the mother of the 14 year old girl and persuade her to give a statement clearing his client.

The junior rank reported the matter to his superiors and the attorney who was himself a police officer several years ago before joining the bar, was promptly arrested and subsequently released on station bail.

The attorney reportedly informed the junior police that it was ‘ok’ for him to take the risk, since his superiors, the Divisional Commander and Deputy Commander would not be aware of the transaction.

It was not clear then nor is it clear now, if the attorney offered the policeman any money to aid him in the unethical practice.

The Guyana Police Force is awaiting the documents with the phone records from the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company.​ (Leroy Smith)

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