CoI into Camp Street Prison unrest granted two- month extension


by Mark Murray


The two-month extension to the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into Camp Street Prison unrest would begin from tomorrow (April 4),where the three Commissioners will continue to hear testimonies in relation to last month’s “prison disturbances and subsequent deaths” at the Prison.

It was during that unrest that 17 inmates lost their lives in a fire which started in the Capital “A” division, leaving several other with minor burns.

The CoI was adjourned late last month as the Commission awaited approval for an official date for continuation. Already eight prisoners have presented evidence about the deadly March 3, 2016 fire before the Commission. They testified of inhumane treatment, poorly prepared meals, little or no recreation, minimal visitation, among other mistreatment.

The Commission also heard of prisoners being in possession of cell phones, marijuana and other items that are not permitted in the prison.

With a new timeline in place, once the Commission wraps up its work then an official report will be handed over to the Minister of Public Security. The deadline for the Commission to submit its findings and recommendations was expected to be March 28.

The Inquiry is being held in the Conference Room of the Department of Public Service, Ministry of the Presidency, 164 Waterloo Street, South Cummingsburg.

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