Imran Khan resigns from NCN’s board



Member of the National Communications Network Inc. Board of Directors Imran khan has resigned from his position as a board member.





Khan in a press statement said he tendered his resignation to the director of the National Communications network Inc. and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo.




Khan who serves as the Director of Public information out of the Office of the Prime Minister said  he opted to resign following revelations that were made about Lennox Cornette, the individual selected and later appointed to be the Chief Executive Officer of the National Communications Network Inc.



Lennox Cornette
Lennox Cornette




There have been reports in the media that Cornette, who was identified to replace serving CEO Molly Hassan, forged several documents in the past.




It is unclear if the Prime Minister or the Chairman of the National Communications Network Inc. would accept the resignation of Mr. Khan.




Below is the full text of the statement issued by Khan in relation to his resignation from the State owned entity




‘‘Today, I submitted my resignation as Director of the National Communications Network to the Prime Minister and First Vice President, The Honourable Moses V. Nagamootoo.

I advised the Honourable Prime Minister of the reason for same, thanked him for the confidence reposed in me for having been selected to serve as an NCN Director and expressed regret that the circumstances do not permit for me to serve the full duration of the term for which I was appointed.

Specifically, I advised the Honourable Prime Minister that in light of the Chairman of the Board having reported to the Board, confirmation of admittance to an act committed by the individual recommended for a senior administrative position, that I could not associate my name with such an appointment. I therefore am of the conviction that continuing as a Director is untenable.

Regrettably, I view the decision of the Board to proceed with the appointment in light of the available information as reckless and imprudent.

The foregoing constitutes the full extent of my comments on this matter at this time.’’

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