Police continuing empowerment of youths through Community Outreach Interventions

The Police in “C” Division (East Coast Demerara), under the command of Divisional Commander Assistant Commissioner Marlon Chapman are continuing with their Community Outreach Interventions under the Police Force’s Social Crime Prevention Programme.
The Social Crime Prevention Programme focuses on the empowering of youths to develop skills and moral values in order that they may become productive and meaningful contributors to society and to enhance police community relations.
During last month April 2016, in keeping with this initiative, the ranks of ‘C’ Division along with residents of the community conducted an environmental cleanup of the Buxton Post Office compound; a youth group comprising over sixty youths was established at Bare Root; and a two-week day-camp that as attended by some forty-five children was held at the Sophia Community Centre.
The objectives of the camp included teaching life skills, developing interpersonal skills, building self-esteem and instilling discipline and moral values.
During the camp, the youths were engaged in activities that included spiritual devotion, craftwork, skills training, educational talks and games.
In addition, rehabilitative work was carried out on the pavilion at the Buxton Community Centre Ground; a quantity of school supplies was distributed to children in the Bare Root community; and several lectures were delivered to children of Police Youth Clubs through the Police Force’s Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Programme.
The Community Outreach Interventions in the Police Division have not only seen a new image of the Guyana Police Force, but have also led to improved public trust and co-operation, especially in the fight against crime.
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