Police at dead end two months after robbery/murder of elderly couple


By Leroy Smith

It was on April 17 of this year that bandits invaded the home of businessman Mohamed Munir and his wife Bibi Jamila Munir before setting it alight with the couple inside, resulting in their fiery death. Two months after the police are still to charge anyone in connection with the murder.


Last week Divisional Commander, Senior Superintendent Steven Mansell told the News Room that he could not comment on the matter and asked that Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum be contacted instead.


Mansell is in charge of the division in which the crime was committed.


When contacted, Blanhum explained that the investigation is still an open and they are working on bit and pieces of information that investigators may come by, from time to time.


He explained that several persons were questioned as part of the probe into the robbery and subsequent death of the businessman and his wife however the police have failed to charge anyone.


During an interview earlier this year, persons said that they were awakened on the night of the crime by screams from the elderly couple who were shouting “bandits.” Persons also said that they did see two persons in the veranda.


They said that no one was seen leaving the premises, however after it was confirmed that the bandits might have left, persons tried the save the couple from the burning house but the house was heavily grilled.


The couple who had three biological children and two adopted children lived at the location for more than twenty years. They were described as very nice and loving persons.


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