REO and Vice Chairman square-off over removal of street barriers

Residents of Johanna, Black Bush Polder protest the removal of street barriers. This saw Vice Chairman of Region Six, Denis Deroop and the Regional Executive Officer, Verasammy Ramayya square-off over the removal of a street barrier.
The REO told residents to remove the barriers to allow access to all vehicles. However, the Vice Chairman stated that the street barrier was placed in Johanna, Black Bush Polder by the Neighbourhood Democratic Council responsible for the area to prevent heavy duty machines from destroying the newly built roads.
It was noted also, that the permission to remove the barriers should not be given by the REO since the NDC is the body to make such a decision.
According to the Vice Chairman, the blatant move taken by the REO is “inappropriate.”


Chairman of the NDC, Thakur Persaud who also commented on the situation related that the each person responsible for the removal of the barrier were served with a 48 hr notice to have it replaced and failure to do so will see a court action being taken.
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