The Nation needs explanation on relocation of Walter Roth Museum-Rohee


The Peoples Progressive Party is asking for explanations on Government’s intentions to relocate the Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology to the western-wing of the Guyana National Museum.


The Government announced earlier this month via a short statement that the artefacts will be relocated to facilitate departments of the Ministry of the Presidency. The statement added that in recent months, two departments have been added to the Ministry. These departments are the Department of the Environment and the Department of National Events.


At a Press Conference today, Rohee said the lack of information is causing the Opposition political party’s imagination to run wild on this issue or raises several questions in relation to the matter.


“He (President David Granger should put all this to rest saying why he want the building. They gave us an explanation why they want the Cheddi Jagan Reading Research Cetnre (red house) and they made that a political issue. So they have a saying, once bitten; twice shy so the nation needs an explanation” Rohee said.


Rohee was asked about the PPP’s suggestion for the museum’s new location to which he believes that the Museum is best where it is currently located.


The museum is a non-profit institution created by the Government of Guyana to collect, exhibit and conserve artefacts relating to the ancient cultures of Guyana, to conduct anthropological research and disseminate knowledge of the Indigenous Peoples of Guyana through its in-house and out-reach programmes.


This act, the PPP believes is just one of the many injustices brought against the indigenous Amerindians.


Government has promised to conduct works to ensure that both Museums meet international standards.

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