Nothing short of the revocation of Storage bond contract will suffice- Jagdeo


Even as Minister of Public Health, Dr. George Norton is expected to present an apology to the National Assembly today for misleading the house on a deal for the rental of a storage bond owned by  Linden Holdings Inc., Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo continues to call for the controversial deal to be scrapped.


“The media announcement that the Minister of Public Health will be submitting his apology to the Speaker Dr. B. Scotland on Friday, August 26, 2016– a full 19 days after the August 8th Sitting where the Minister misled the House during the debate on the rental agreement for the Sussex Street building as a Drug Bond” Jagdeo said in a statement late Thursday.


He is, of the view that the apology has been carefully orchestrated to coincide with the PNC/R’s Congress which is commencing on the afternoon of August 26th, 2016.


“One can expect the shedding of ‘crocodile tears’ but this is insufficient, unacceptable and a downright media gimmick,taxpayers” the Opposition leader said about the apology which has not yet been presented.


He further alleged that despite the spotlight being on the Public Health Minister, the entire cabinet was aware of the deal which saw government renting a bond from Linden Holdings Inc. for the storing of government medicine and medical supplies, at a cost which political analysis, Ralph Ramkarran estimated taxpayers losing $9+ million a month.


Jagdeo also disclosed that the contract was provided to the Parliamentarians, however, it was an “incomplete unsigned contract (Agreement of Tenancy) between the Ministry of Public Health and the Linden Holdings Inc.”


He noted that the contract “was for a professional office, not a bond,” while it makes no stipulation that the facility is PAHO/WHO compliant as was previously stated. Jagdeo noted that the contract includes “Exceedingly generous conditions for the Landlord for 3 years with a 12-month notice of termination.”


“Nothing short of the revocation of this contract will suffice” the Opposition leader affirms.

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